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Marion Barber Unaware Of Marion Barber Rule

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Keeping with the obliviousness-to-rules motif — hey, it makes us feel better about ourselves — Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber III, esq. has made a name for himself by stiff arming the defenders in the face. Apparently that's always been a rule. But now the league will begin to clamp down on such reckless hand-face-pushery, and it's since been given the nickname "The Marion Barber Rule." And guess who didn't know that wasn't a rule?


Well, obviously Lou Diamond Phillips. That goes without saying, given that he doesn't play football and such. But more to the point, Marion Barber himself was unaware:

"I didn't even know. I'm going to have to read up on it. So you can't stiff arm at all? What about the throat?"

Gotta love that response. Well, no face, you say? How about the throat. Kidneys, pressure points? Can I give the linebacker a charley horse as I run by? Purple nurples? No? Nothing of that sort?

Wanton disregard for the rules is one thing (Bill Belichick), but to simply be ignorant about what you can and can't do ... well, that's just a little irresponsible. For example, I know there's a sports blogger edict out there that you can't have more then five puns in one post. But I know it's not widely enforced, so oftentimes I push it to seven.

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