Mark Cuban Is Possibly Drunk And Definitely Dancing To "Gangnam Style" [UPDATE]

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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently visited Kilroy's in Bloomington, Ind. (home of Cuban's alma mater, Indiana University), and from the above video found by Shot of Ginn, Cubes certainly got his party on.

Although we can't say for sure that he's inebriated, this footage is full of drunk guy characteristics: the awkward head nodding followed by a slow fall-into-lean against the wall, the precarious clutch of a Bud Light bottle, the half-hearted and contorted hand thrusts to the beat of "Gangnam Style." The best part, however, is when a couple of girls convince him to bust out some moves, an idea which he quickly abandons in order to go back to being the awkward white guy in the club. Keep on keepin' on, Cubes.


UPDATE: We emailed Cubes to see if he would like to offer any explanation for the video, and he responded:

Mark Cuban
7:54 PM

its pretty self explanatory. Didnt you see my IU Rugby 50th Anniversary TShirt Im wearing ?

Tell tommy hi :)


H/t to Shot of Ginn