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Mark Cuban Ready To Kiss and Make Up

Dallas managed to not get swept last night, so now every thing is rainbows and sunshine in Maverickville. It's so happy, in fact, that Mark Cuban is even initiating peace negotiations with a known thug.

After his team survived a squeaker of an elimination game, Cuban logged into his internet web log in the wee hours of this morning to offer his apologies to Kenyon Martin and his mom, Lydia Moore. (Pictured here, laughing at silly Texans I assume.) Tempers flared, feelings were hurt, but it's nothing that a lovely sit-down dinner can't fix.

No one takes more abuse and gets more threats on the road than I do. So I know exactly how it feels. I've also had my family and friends spit on at games in this series....

When the series comes back to Dallas, your family, and the family of other Nuggets players are welcome to stay in my suite, with my family. Its amazing how tempers mellow when real people talk to each other and realize that its still just a game.

If that isn't acceptable, I'm happy to provide a suite, free of charge to them as well and place whatever security is needed to make them feel comfortable....

So if we can put this behind us, I will make sure when the series comes back to Dallas, your family and friends, and that of your teammates are very comfortable at our Arena.

Then I hope we both take the advice of your coach and can get together this summer. Dinner for you and your family is on me.


That's sweet. Of course, in order for his generous offer to take effect, the series would have to go back to Dallas and I'm not sure Dirk Nowitski has that many fourth-quarter outbursts left in him. Unless the guy is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid going back the crazy train that is his home life.

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