Mark Cuban Wants One More NBA Fine Before David Stern Retires

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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and NBA commissioner David Stern have a deep, expensive history. Cuban's publicly voiced his criticism of the league and its officials, and in turn, Stern has made him pay. With Stern retiring in a couple of weeks, Cuban's mulling one more pricy splash.

Cuban's shelled out over $1.8 million in fines for speaking critically; this random .txt file summarizes all of his infractions. Cubes's biggest punishment was for $500,000 in 2002 after he said he wouldn't hire league director of officials Ed Rush "to manage a Dairy Queen." He wants one more swing, maybe to make it an even $2 million?

From Marc Stein of ESPN:

"We talk about it all the time," Cuban said. "I'm going to have one final fine before he leaves."

Reached Thursday in London, where he is attending the Brooklyn Nets-Atlanta Hawks game at the O2 Arena, Stern said of Cuban's plan to get fined: "I know he is trying, but our muffin fund coffers are overflowing."


Stern's last day as commissioner is Feb. 1, so time's wasting. The Mavs have four home games before Stern leaves. One suggestion for Cubes: Attend the game shirtless with "JOEY CRAWFORD IS A MAN-SIZED BABY" painted on your chest. It doesn't matter whether or not Crawford's actually officiating the game; the sentiment is still accurate.

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Photo: AP