Mark May Is Now Blatantly Lying To Viewers

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Notre Dame is ending its series of football games against Michigan, and Irish coach Brian Kelly raised controversy over the weekend when he claimed the Wolverines weren't a rival. That led ESPN's college football panel of Joe Tessitore, Mark May, and Lou Holtz to take on the topic during halftime of last night's Florida State-Pitt matchup, where the network's resident blowhard spoke truth to power.


No, wait, he lied. That's the opposite of truth.

May claimed the following:

I can't have much doubt. I think it's a terrific rivalry. And when GameDay comes to town they know it's a big game, everybody knows it's a big game. Growing up in upstate New York, I used to watch it when I was growing up, when it was on television.


Really, Mark? Notre Dame didn't play Michigan while you were growing up. In fact, the first time Notre Dame played Michigan in your lifetime, it was 1978. You were a sophomore offensive lineman for the Pitt Panthers, where presumably you weren't watching because you were on the field playing against Temple. You were playing against Kansas during the Notre Dame-Michigan game the next two years, so we're pretty sure the first time you ever watched Notre Dame play Michigan it was the day before you played in St. Louis against the Cardinals as a member of the Washington Redskins.

Hey, maybe you still haven't grown up.