Mark Richt Says ESPN "Didn't Do Their Homework" On Knowshon Moreno Run

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In case you haven't seen Knowshon Moreno's run against Central Michigan, it's linked after the jump and, despite ESPN's failure, over 100,000 fans have already found their way to the play. Georgia fans (and their coach) are up in arms over ESPN's perceived slight to their Heisman Trophy candidate. Not least because if Tim Tebow had made the same run ESPN would have announced the rebranding of ESPN U as Tim Tebow's Network. Richt said he was looking forward to seeing the play on SportsCenter, and was disappointed when it wasn't featured. Which is interesting because, presumably, Richt has plenty of game film. Anyway, the slight has festered and the Bulldogs are angry. (Insert multiple grown men barking here). And so is their coach. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has the exchange:

Richt: “Yeah. They missed the boat or didn’t do their homework or whatever. I don’t know how they couldn’t have noticed that as thorough as it seems like that are most of the time. But it’s going to make our highlights for a long time.” Then Brett Jensen of “,” a website that covers Georgia athletics for ESPN, piped in. Jensen: “I spoke to some people up in Connecticut about that today. They said Fox, who had control of the game, didn’t put that in that highlight in the highlight package they sent up to the satellite.” Richt: “You’re kidding me? [Starts laughing] Oh, so you throw Fox under the bus? I threw you under the bus and now you throw Fox under the bus. That’s the way it works.”

I think it's clear that both Fox and ESPN hate Georgia, their fans, their coach, and their running back. Both networks will stop at nothing to strip the Bulldogs of their rightful glory.

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