Mark Sanchez Looks Like He Had A Grand Old Time Last Night

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Napa! Women! Mark Sanchez dance party. This is the Jets news America needs right now.

Update: She pulled down the Vines. Too bad this is the internet, where nothing is gone forever.

Sanchez makes his cameo on the social media trail of one Alana Kari, who best we can tell, is some sort of SoCal-based socialite. (Here she is working as a bottle service girl at a San Diego club; here she is popping in on The Dirty.)


Last night Kari posted a bunch of Vines of her on a trip to Napa Valley with some friends (including, apparently, Sanchez). It looks like a busy evening—limo rides, wine tasting at Bello Family Vineyards, dinner at Morimoto, and back home for a dance party.

Here's the only other Sanchez appearance in Kari's videos, at the wine tasting. Jets camp begins in a month.

h/t Brando