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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Or not. But, Miss Hundley, former ESPN production assistant/part-time illicit lover of Steve Phillips, is now training to become a spunky promo girl for the Jets/Giants games at the New Meadowlands Stadium.


Not much has been heard from Miss Hundley since she filed a lawsuit against ESPN post-Phillips affair, but she's been busy shopping herself for the next stage of her career. Yes, she even popped I even asked her to pop by the Deadspin office last March to discuss the possibility of her posing for the recently derailed "DeadSWIM" issue. (This idea will come to fruition at some point.)

For now, though, Hundley's appears to be doing something similar to what Jenn Sterger used to do. And we know how that worked out.

Brooke Hundley sets the record straight:

i'm doing promotional work AT the giants/jets games, it has nothing to do with the teams, there is no interaction with them whatsoever, only the fans. And you say that I'm shopping myself around including coming to you in March, I wasn't shopping myself to you, you asked me to come in.

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