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Mark Turgeon Implores Maryland Crowd To Stop Calling Michigan's Ignas Brazdeikis Ugly

Maryland fans were waiting for Michigan freshman Ignas Brazdeikis to get to the free throw line. It wasn’t because he’s terrible from the charity stripe, where he hits 76.5 percent of his shots. Instead it was because the home crowd wanted Brazdeikis in an isolated situation so that they could remark on his appearance. Soon after the ref passed the Wolverine the ball for his first shot, a small group of fans started the “you are ugly” chants. By the time he took the second shot, it sounded as though it had spread across most of the student section.

One would think that this simple taunt would follow Brazdeikis all game, but Maryland coach Mark Turgeon tried to put a stop to it as soon as possible. During the Michigan player’s second attempt, Turgeon went over to the PA announcer, who immediately announced the coach’s request to stop the chant.

The sound of the announcer telling the crowd Turgeon’s request can be heard in the background of the clip, along with some boos from the crowd at being told they can’t call Brazdeikis ugly anymore, but it’s drowned out by the broadcasters. The announcement was confirmed through journalists covering the game in College Park, Md.


This obviously isn’t anything new for college fans, but this isn’t a new trick from Maryland’s student section toward a Big Ten opponent. During Isaac Haas’s time at Purdue, the Terps fans showered him with the same refrain.

At least they’re consistent.

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