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Markelle Fultz Is Excited About Philly Because Of Its Chicken Sandwiches

When you might get drafted to a city with no Chick-fil-A. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Markelle Fultz, taken first overall by the Sixers last night, has a column today in The Players’ Tribune. While it doesn’t quite reach the levels of Dion Waiters’s opus in April, it’s pretty good. Fultz shows off some personality. He says Joel Embiid has texted him 75 times since he visited Philly. He also notes that he’s happy to be with Philly instead of Boston because of the chicken sandwich situation:

Then Keith [Fultz’s trainer] hit me up and said, “New plan. Philly.”

I was just waking up. So I was like, “O.K., cool. Do they have Chick-fil-A there?”

A crispy chicken sandwich for breakfast. It’s kind of like my good luck charm. Keith never got back to me about that important question. So I found out for myself. I googled it immediately.

Philly does have Chick-fil-A. It has six, actually.

Seven if you count the one at the airport. Boston has zero Chick-fil-As, for what it’s worth.


Markelle Fultz’s breakfast joint is Chick-fil-A! He can do better than that in Philly—my go-to spots are Morning Glory and Knead Bagels—but, hey, whatever gets you going.

Fultz notes the Sixers did their research, and had Chick-fil-A for him when he showed up at the team’s training facility. One Philadelphian was deep enough in the local chicken sandwich scene to rank all the Chick-fil-As in the city for Fultz:

If Fultz doesn’t want to head back into the city right after practice, there are also two Chick-fil-A locations in Cherry Hill, N.J., just down Routes 38 and 70 from the Sixers practice facility in Camden.

Joel Embiid cut back on his Shirley Temple intake to keep his diet. The Sixers might make Fultz cut back on the chicken sandwiches. Eat them while you can, Markelle!

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