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Here’s an ad featuring Marlins first baseman Michael Morse promoting the “Fish ‘N Chips Casino Party,” where “me and my teammates” will join anyone who puts up $100 to support the Marlins Foundation for a night of dancing, gambling, and entertainment. One problem: the event was held Thursday, and none of the players showed up.

That’s according to the New Times, which reported that neither players nor coaches turned out for the event:

According to the team, players showing up to the event isn’t mandatory. So it’s not like any players broke any rules. They just all decided not to show up. And that’s understandable, especially when you’re mired in a losing-streak and your new boss never played at your level but is telling you what to do.


The Marlins lost again last night, 8-5 to the Orioles. Taxpayers will pay out $2.4 billion in bond payments for Marlins Park.


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