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Marquette King Is Beefing With An Entire Denver Radio Station For Some Reason

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Marquette King has only been in Denver for a few months, and he’s already gotten himself involved in a rather pointed dispute with a local radio station. This beef first got cooking on Friday, when 104.3 The Fan hosts Zach Bye and Brandon Stokley interviewed King after practice. The normally chatty King was subdued and moody, offering clipped responses to every question and even hinting at some lingering discontent. Here is a partial transcript of the audio, via Silver And Black Pride:

Q: You always have a lot of personality, but it doesn’t seem like you have a lot to say right now. You frustrated about something in particular?

King: I just don’t like talking about football. I just do it.

Q: Well, tell us about yourself. Who is Marquette King, what do you like to do, what do you enjoy?

King: I know I like more oxygen.

Q: Is the altitude bothering you a little bit?

King: It gets on my nerves sometimes, but, I mean, it’s my job, so... yeah.

Q: How much are you looking forward to getting to start a week from tomorrow in preseason?

King: Ummm... I mean it’s definitely coming. So...

Host: Alright we’ll leave it at that, thanks for coming by... (King walks away)... Wow!...


Bye repeatedly said that he was “not impressed” with King’s attitude, and wanted him to be “halfway professional.” The host then revealed that he had heard King was “frustrated about being here,” which he thinks King’s remark about the lack of oxygen may have been hinting towards.

The next day, King called out Darren McKee via emoji. McKee hosts another show on 104.3 The Fan, and it’s not clear why King went after McKee and not Stokely or Bye.


McKee responded by calling King’s interview “incredibly disrespectful and rude.”

On Sunday, King apparently confronted McKee, who says King came up to him and said, “Do we have a problem?” and exhorted him to “keep my name out of your mouth.” McKee responded, “Or what?” Broncos PR then held King back and shuffled him off the field.


King signed a three-year deal with the Broncos this offseason after being released by the Raiders over supposed “personality issues.” The typically effusive punter said when he signed that “the Broncos encourage you to be yourself. That is real cool. Players play a lot better when they can let their hair down and be themselves. It’s cool. They encourage it.” Being oneself might not, however, include fighting with radio dudes.

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