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Marshawn Lynch Hasn't Lost A Step In His Press Conferences

Photo: Rick Scuteri/AP

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland hero, returned to the NFL this year and signed with his hometown Raiders after a taking a year off from football. After the team wrapped up in Napa today, Lynch had a chance to reflect on his first training camp in two years, as well as his recent national anthem protest. Lynch is always good for a quote, and he didn’t disappoint this afternoon.

The Raiders live-streamed the entire interview, but the best segment is below:


A partial transcript:

Q: Let’s address the elephant in the room on Saturday. There’s a lot of tension towards you not standing for the national anthem—

Lynch: I think that elephant just left the room because a little mouse ran in here. Didn’t they elephants is scared of mouses or something? That motherfucker left, cousin.

Q: Marshawn, do you feel that Coach Del Rio really gives players the space to be themselves, while still being part of the team’s mentality?

Lynch: Yeah, cause on Doctor-24, you know, it’s a designed way that you supposed to run it, but I have all freedom to go any and which way that I choose to run it, so I would say yeah.


Q: Did you miss playing football last year?

Lynch: No.

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