Marvel Vs. Star Wars: WHO YA GOT???!!?!?!?!

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The new Avengers movie drops tonight and so, bereft of better ideas, we thought now would be a good time to kick up a needless fanboy argument and ask: Do you prefer the Star Wars movies, or the Marvel MCU movies? Which one has your childhood stored in a crystal locket, soon to be crushed by an incompetent screenwriter? Which franchise do you pray is a WIN for Disney? Which movies have you crying like the loser you truly are? My fellow heroes, THAT is the subject of this week’s Deadcast. We even brought in real nerds like Nick Martin and a former Deadspin Editor With Shit Takes Who Shall Remain Nameless to argue about it!

And get this: There’s more! Yes, we talk about OTHER meaningless drivel as well, including the NCAA, the NBA, bad film geek tweets, and we answer YOUR pressing questions about Tom Brady’s ability to speak Portuguese, binge snacking, and more. WOW. Boy does that sound enticing, AMIRITE?

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(By the way, my answer is Star Wars.)