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Former Providence Friar and ABA star Marvin "Bad News" Barnes has seen a lot in his lifetime and he would like to tell you all about it... right now.

Barnes recently sat down with current Providence big man Geoff McDermott for what appears to be some sort of interview or, at the very least, a discussion about the beauty of the game between two generations of Friar basketball. What it turned into was an extensive lecture from Barnes about McDermott's lack of effort and enthusiasm and the proper way to deliver a forearm shiver to an opponent.

The local TV station that arranged this meeting of the minds, was probably hoping for more of an actual "interview", but Barnes had other things on his mind. For the first three-and-a-half minutes, McDermott got in exactly 12 words (I counted) and seven of them were some variation of "yes." He was only able to get in three responses with any level of detail, but not before Barnes could accuse him and his teammates of quitting in crunch time ... excuse me, "superstar time!"

Few things in life beat an outrageous "back in my day" rant from a delusional old man, but I'm just glad that someone had a video camera on for this one. The blank stare of confusion on McDermott's face is reason enough alone to watch the whole thing.

Face to Face: Marvin Barnes, Geoff McDermott [Channel 10 Providence]