Marvin Harrison? Really?

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We'll file this under the wait-and-see folder until more details are available, but plenty of major media outlets are reporting this somewhat shocking news:

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison is under investigation in his hometown of Philadelphia in a shooting that took place late Tuesday afternoon, a source close to the investigation told Anthony Gargano of Philadelphia's WIP Radio. The shooting reportedly occurred outside a North Philadelphia bar owned by Harrison.

Harrison has yet to be arrested or charged with the crime.

The source said the alleged victim came into the bar, Playmakers, around 5 p.m. and engaged in an argument with Harrison, who was at the bar. The victim then left the bar, heading to his car, with Harrison following. Gunfire broke out, the victim was hit in the hand, and a young girl was slightly injured by flying glass from a car that apparently was hit by a bullet.

Obviously, more details are forthcoming. This seems a little sketchy.


Philly sources: This appears to be all sorts of trouble for Harrison. According to some sources, the the gun used in the shooting was definitely Harrison's, and the investigation right now suggests that it "doesn't look good" for Marvin. The gun used in the shooting is apparently a very expensive, custom-made job that uses 50mm bullets. (No idea what that means, sorry. Not a gun guy.) But, the fella who first reported it, Anthony Gargano of WIP, is going on ESPN at 6 p.m. to talk about everything he knows. The Philly police are hesitating about naming Harrison. According to one source, all he said was that "There's a local guy who plays pro football who is being investigated." Police are being cautious about fingering Harrison at this point.


But for now, yes, it appears Marvin Harrison might be being investigated in a shooting that occurred Tuesday night at his bar which is located at a shady area in Philly.

Marving Harrison's Gun Used In Shooting [Sporting News]


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Okay, here's the full, fuzzy report, from WIP's Anthony Gargano, who did his best trying to convey the really jumbled facts that are all "allegedly" connected to Marvin Harrison. If these are the circumstances and the "facts" available right now, appears Marvin Harrison's lawyer should really be able to sort this whole thing out. Hopefully, Gargano's sources are good ones.