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Marvin Lewis Calls Johnny Manziel A "Midget"

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Brian Hoyer turned in an abysmal 14-31, two interception performance against the Colts on Sunday, and it looks like it will cost the Cleveland Browns quarterback his job. Hoyer has been one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league all season, yet at 7-6 the Browns still have an outside shot at making the playoffs. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, they believe Johnny Manziel—who led a nice 80-yard touchdown drive against the Bills a week ago after replacing an ineffective Hoyer—is the man to take them there:

Meanwhile, a few hours before Mortensen's report, Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis was asked on the radio about how he would prepare his defense not knowing which quarterback the Browns would start. The Bengals, who are in first place in the AFC North, face the Browns on Sunday. Here's what Lewis said to WLW-AM (emphasis mine):

Q: Coach, does the Browns quarterback uncertainty impact your prepartaion in any way this week?

A: No it doesn't, it doesn't at all.

Q: Is it going to be running the same routes with receivers and...

A: ...that's right. You'll get a little bit more movement if Manziel is the quarterback, cause the thing that they did against Buffalo, but other than that no, that doesn't impact you at all. You've got to go defend the offense, you don't defend the player. Particularly a midget.

Q: Oh, there you go!

At 5'11¾", Manziel is two inches taller than the average American male. But NFL quarterbacks, of course, aren't average American males: according to the LA Times the average height for a QB is 6'3". They also note that 6'0" Drew Brees and 5'11" Russell Wilson are two of the better quarterbacks in the league, but until Manziel proves that he is a success (and probably even after that), insults about his comparatively diminutive stature will continue to dog him.


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