Maryland's Bruno Fernando Stomped On A Nebraska Dude

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Maryland’s Bruno Fernando made an enemy out of every man, woman, and child in Nebraska tonight, as in the second half of the Terrapins’ road game against the Cornhuskers, the brilliant big man finished off a dunk with some Ndamukong Suh action on poor Tanner Borschart. Borschart looked like he may have tried to stop the slam from his spot on the ground by grabbing Fernando’s legs with his own, and Fernando’s response was swift and cruel.

Here’s another angle:


Fernando can maybe plausibly deny that the post-dunk stomp was intentional, since Borschart was directly underneath him. But purposeful or not, it’s a cold-blooded move. Fernando got away unpunished, while Nebraska coach Tim Miles got T-ed up for his anger, which was backed up by boos from the entirety of the Cornhusker crowd.