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Friends and dinger lovers, rejoice! The mighty works of Josh Bell continue unabated into the summer. In the second inning of Wednesday night’s Rockies-Pirates game, foolish mortal Jon Gray left a puny 87-mile-per-hour changeup up in the zone, and Bell promptly sent it to the Cenobites for an eternity of exquisite suffering:


The sound on that thing! There have been harder hit balls this season. At least eight have had gaudier exit velocities; it’s not even in the top 20 dingers by distance—two of Josh Bell’s own majestic dingers have traveled farther. Still. Holy shit. That poor baseball was just destroyed.

Bell smashed 12 dingers in 583 plate appearances in 2018. He’s already smashed 15 in fewer than 200 plate appearances in 2019, and a good number of those have been absolute rockets. He’s apparently on a campaign to pave the bottom of the Allegheny in wasted baseballs, and we are all richer for his efforts. Except for those disgraceful baseballs. Screw them.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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