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Mass Email From Wesleyan Athletic Department Brings Utter Chaos

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Reader Frank has alerted us to a silly thing that happened that we, for whatever reason, find funny. Frank graduated from Wesleyan University, and so he often gets mass emails from various departments within the school. A few days ago, Frank got one such email from the Wesleyan athletic department:

Greetings from Middletown,

As we close the book on the fall semester, I want to congratulate both our student-athletes and our coaches for their many outstanding accomplishments. The Cardinals had 18 athletes earn all-NESCAC honors and 58 were recognized as NESCAC scholar athletes. In addition, eight Wesleyan athletes, one from each fall sport were named to the NESCAC all-sportmanship team.

Each season our student-athletes accomplish amazing feats, both in the classroom and in the athletic arena. Wesleyan is represented by close to 800 student-athletes on 29 varsity sports teams. Last year Wesleyan athletes were named NESCAC player of the year in four sports (men's and women's soccer, men's ice hockey and softball) and last Spring we had three teams (men's lacrosse, baseball and softball) bring home Little Three titles. At homecoming in November, our campus celebrated the Cardinals first Little Three football title in 43 years! Under the leadership of President Roth, the athletics department continues to strive for excellence in all that we do.

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Wesleyan Athletics giving site:…

Please consider making a year end gift to the Wesleyan Fund for Athletics or your favorite Cardinal team. These restricted funds help us bridge the gap between the University funded operating budget and the total operating expenses of a competitive NESCAC athletic program. Without your support, it simply would not be possible for us to provide a first class experience for our student-athletes.

I can not thank you enough for your support. Our student-athletes and coaching staff are extremely grateful for all that you do to help us reach our shared goals.

All the best to you and your family for a happy and healthy holiday season.

With Cardinal Pride,


Michael Whalen '83
Director of Athletics
Head Football Coach
Wesleyan University 161 Cross Street
Middletown, CT 06459


What a nice email! One alum liked it so much that he decided to reply to the email directly, with a note of encouragement for coach Whalen:


Thanks for all your energy and vision….enjoy a well deserved break!

Somehow, that email got sent as a "reply all," and was received by everyone who got the original email. That's not such a big deal, but then came another reply:

Ditto, Mike. And thanks for given me the opportunity to rag my urologist, a Williams grad, about the Little Three Football title. Never been so eager for a visit my urologist!

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And another:

I second that!

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And then, chaos:

these emails are going to everyone I think.....


….except to that Williams urologist.

Giants won. So that's good...

Daniel is right….even checked in with my Wesleyan 18' Loomis grandson to see if he was the reason…..Nan

Please stop emailing me. I don't know what this is.

Thanks and happy holidays I guess.

I can confirm that they are and no idea why I'm on this distribution.

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Lol! I'm having a holiday party id anyone's around the Chicago area.

Wish you all the best on this the advent of a new year. By the way if anyone has a good soccer player who wants to play in the NPSL .. The team I coach is quite good

Please stop hitting reply all.

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Don't want to receive mass emails from your alma mater soliciting your charity!?! Too bad!

P.S. That Cam guy seems alright.

Stop Stop Stop

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Yes, they are and I have no idea who any of you are or what you are talking about! :)

Nancy is right about Daniel being right. Go Wes.

When you go to your urologist, why not go to your proctologist at the same time and have him insert these inane emails where the sun don't shine. What a stupid way to try to communicate with your alumni. At least you got a response, but not the one you were seeking.

Let's add to all the e-mails...This is hilarious!!!!

Ok, Brian. I'll stop emailing you if you stop emailing me. Thanks and happy holidays I'm sure.

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It would be great if everybody could take this conversation offline.

Happy holidays and Go, Wes.


Please take me off of your "Reply All" list.

Thanks much,

please stop sending me emails too.

Congratulations Nan on your grandson! My nephew is a soph at Loomis, and would be happy to be Wes '20.

Ok, my suggestion is everyone just relax a bit. Obviously this e-mail chain was not intended by anyone including the university. I say....what a great year so far in Wesleyan sports!

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Please remove me from this list. I am being BOMBARDED with unwanted emails.



Yes please take me off it too.

Remove me too please (although this email thread has been hilarious)

Why did I receive this email? It was not directed to me, as you can see from the full headers I have provided. Nevertheless, I too have received dozens of emails each from a different sender all with the subject "Re: Happy Holidays from Wesleyan Athletics!" Something has gone haywire.

Kindly remove me from this list. Thank you.

Dear everyone,

The holidays are a stressful and busy time... not a good time for hundreds (maybe thousands?) of us to be flooded with useless emails.

Please stop adding to all our emails but emailing all of us about how you want to unsubscribe. Please, be considerate to everyone else and just follow the procedure for unsubscribing that is at the bottom of the email.



Tip: This email contains an unsubscribe link at the bottom as do most mass emails. If an email does not contain instructions for unsubscribing it is generally best to email the original sender ONLY. This tip in email etiquette brought to you by: Claire

Thank you and enjoy your holiday!

The issue is that there is a programming glitch at Wes. We can all hit "reply" and the entire list serve gets the emails. It is not a matter of "reply to all". We are activating a list serve. It is only something Wes can fix. And I agree it is pretty funny. Years of Wesleyan athletes, united in our disdain for unwanted email.

Cheers, all. A

Fuckin' technology, man.