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Matt Leinart's stupefying beer-bong partying and champagne-bottle fellatio did nothing to help his career as an NFL quarterback nor his promotional viability, but it did wonders for the The site, once lost in the overly-crowded co-ed tit-flashing corner of the blog market, reached critical mass last week thanks to the Leinart photos. The LA Times skewered The Dirty's proprietors last week and, today, ABC News gives its spin on things. And even though Leinart boosted the site's daily numbers to almost 300,000 visits, Ari Golden, CEO and head dirt mongrel of The insists to ABC his site will continue to focus on "real" people, as opposed to NFL quarterbacks.

Not so fast, Golden. There's an expert out there named John Grohol, with a seemingly made-up title "editorial board member of the Journal of Online Behavior and CyberPsychology & Behavior," who disagrees with The Dirty's business model.


"You could put up 100 photos of 100 random people who are hanging out with 19-year-old girls and nobody will care until the minute you put up a celebrity's photo," this glorified "expert" tells ABC.

He makes a good point. If said 19-year-old girls are getting their faces eaten by, oh, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, the site becomes a little more entertaining to scroll through.


Honestly, if I were a professional athlete, I'd be absolutely terrified of this site.


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