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It appears some of the Lions ownership family has its own collection of "Fire Millen" brown paper bag masks and is about to start wearing them in public if things don't turn around for Detroit's woeful football team. William Ford Jr., son of Lions' principle owner William Clay Ford and vice chairman of the Lions, exasperated by the Lions' continued putridity under Matt Millen's scatter-brained managerial reign, decided it was time to voice his displeasure with Millen to the Detroit News. Ford told the paper, "It's embarrassing," and that if "had the authority" he'd personally shove Millen out the door. But he can't. All he can do is watch the team continue to fail miserably and draft wide receivers for Jon Kitna to overthrow. Ultimately, this type of public flogging will probably not result in any immediate dismissal for Millen and only result in Ford Jr. issuing an apology for insubordination. Millen signed a five-year contract extension back in 2005 where the elder Ford backed Millen. Here's that infamous quote: “I think Matt has built a great foundation for us to move forward. I cannot think of anyone better to see it through than Matt.” His son probably has a few suggestions. Ford Jr.: Millen Should Resign [Detroit News]


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