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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Matt Vasgersian: “I Am An Enormous Jagoff”

Illustration for article titled Matt Vasgersian: “I Am An Enormous Jagoff”

Our Deadcast guest this week is Matt Vasgersian, anchor for MLB TV, FOX play-by-play announcer, and fan of the site. And, untethered by network restrictions, Matt had some pretty cool shit to say.


On the night Rick Sutcliffe showed up shitfaced in the booth during a Padres broadcast: "There were people out there who thought we set Rick up… and that really pissed me off."


Defending Erin Andrews from the scorn she gets from some of her peers: "That's what the role is. It's a puffy, fluffy role… It's what the role was kinda supposed to be."

On other, more egotistical broadcasters: "My father didn't work in the business. Nothing was handed to me."

On downtown St. Louis, a town he otherwise enjoys visiting despite recent dustups with the natives: "I hate downtown St. Louis… build a friggin' convenience store." (Yeah, fuckos! There is nowhere to get a fucking Corn Nut in that shithole.)

There's way more. Vasgersian talks about his days at the XFL, his brief stint as a child actor, why Whitlock's "absolution" for his Donovan McNabb gaffe annoyed him, the right way to show hot chicks on camera, and shitloads of other good stuff.


I know the Deadcast, up to this point, has been a work in progress. But I think, this time, we've got a solidly entertaining product for you from start to finish, in no small part because Vasgersian makes for such enthusiastic, excellent company. My thanks to him for coming on and letting it all hang out.

This week's podcast is available for your listening pleasure right here. You can also find the new Deadcast in the iTunes Music Store here. Special thanks to Liberated Syndication for hosting us. Got an email you want read over the air? Send it to me here. Now sit back, relax, and listen as we bitch about the Turks.

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