Matthew McConaughey Went Full McConaughey On The Texas Longhorns

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Matthew McConaughey, who is now well into the business of just being Matthew McConaughey in public, visited a Texas Longhorns practice last week to pass some ancient McConaughese wisdom down to the young players.

He started off by posing a simple question: "Ask yourself, man, when you look in the mirror tonight, just say, 'Why do I play this game?'" That's right, kids, Matty McConaughey just threw you into the deep waters of existentialism—probably flipped your whole perspective on shit. But wait, here he comes with a little life raft called knowledge: "At the end of the day, every single one of you has really only got to be playing for one person."

Who's that one person? Well, it's you, kemo sabe. God bless.