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Maybe D.J. Wilson Had Someplace He Needed To Be, Did You Ever Think Of That

It’s easy to watch this video of Chris Paul executing a sharp step-back crossover dribble, and Bucks defender D.J. Wilson careening off into the distance like God reached down and violently tilted the court under his feet, and assume that Wilson was somehow “owned. That because Wilson’s wild, stumbling exit came after Paul’s filthy dribble move, it must therefore have been because of Paul’s filthy dribble move. You fool. You simpleton.

Have you even considered the possibility that maybe you’re just seeing what you want to see? It’s close-minded and frankly a little bit beneath you to just assume that Wilson wasn’t running over to the baseline on purpose, because he happened to have important personal business in that area of the court. Some people take appointments very seriously, and it’s more than a little unfair to mock a man because his travel plans happen to coincide with a wicked dribble move executed exactly at his point of departure.


Maybe it is in fact your basic human decency that has had its ankles broken.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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