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Following in the literal footsteps of Evander Holyfield, former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes — whose very entertaining "official site" can be found here — will appear on VH-1's "But Can They Sing?", a "reality" show where "celebrities" attempt to sing on camera for a stoned, directionless audience. Also appearing on the show are Morgan Fairchild, Joe Pantoliano (call him Joey Pants, please) and Kim Alexis.

We haven't seen Larry in a while, so we can only guess as to his abilities as a crooner, though we certainly have our suspicions. Personally, we'd much rather see him and Morgan Fairchild get in a fight. Though we do like to speculate; we're gonna go with something with very few syllables and lyrics that repeat. "Happy Birthday," maybe, or even, "I Am Henry VIII, I Am."

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