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Mayweather Disposes of Hatton In 10

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is simply better than everybody else on the planet, and now even the Brits have to admit that. In front of a raucous crowd high rollers, A-list celebrities, and Manchester's loudest drunks (that's a compliment!) Mayweather went toe-to-toe with the previously undefeated Ricky Hatton and won in the most convincing fashion. Neither man shied away from contact making for a much rougher battle than we've typically seen in Mayweather's 17 previous title defenses. In the end Hatton was overcome by the champion's incredible stamina, power, and of course, his dizzying speed.


Things came to a head in the 10th round when Mayweather pounced on the wilting welterweight culminating in a perfectly flush hybrid left hand that twisted Hatton around enough to send him head-first into the ring support like a wrestler into the turnbuckle. The Hitman managed to get up, but Mayweather made damn sure to put him right back down with a flurry of hooks and straight-rights. At that point legendary referee Joe Cortez had seen enough, a feeling surely shared by Hatton's corner regardless of their general delusions.

For the full breakdown I'd recommend Doug Fisher's work over at Maxboxing and Michael David Smith's minute-by-minute coverage at FanHouse (even if he scores fights like Harold Lederman)

Note: The British fans did boo the National Anthem, but to be fair, it was sung by Tyrese

Note 2: Floyd coming out to Springsteen's Born In the USA was one of the most unexpectedly hilarious entrances in boxing history.

Note 3: My prediction of a TKO in the 8th was a bit off the mark (still paid!) but of course Large at No Mas was far more accurate.