Now that Pacman Jones has vowed to straighten up and fly right, who's going to toss enormous amounts of cash into the air so that random strangers can clutch at the loot in a screaming frenzy? Floyd Mayweather Jr., that's who. One glitch, however. Apparently Pretty Boy Floyd's money is fake. As in counterfeit. How could he sink so low? In the video below we see the retired boxer slinging about $30,000 into the crowd at an Atlanta night club. And he supposedly made it rain with another 50 grand at another Atlanta club the next night. At least, that's what a couple of sites claimed over the weekend. But the site Sandra Rose came back on Tuesday and said that some or all of the money was fake.

My photographer Freddy O was almost arrested at a gas station this morning after trying to pay for gas with one of the counterfeit $100 bills that boxer Floyd Mayweather tossed in the air at Club PURE last night. According to Fred (and several others in attendance) Mayweather’s “boys” were handing him the stacks of hundreds. There is speculation that one of his “boys” switched out the real hundreds for the counterfeit hundreds and kept the real cash for himself. I would be inclined to believe that maybe Floyd didn’t know what his boys were doing, except that this has happened before!

Click to view It happened at Deamz Nightclub in Atlanta (damn, must have been right after I left with my hos), and Mayweather supposedly made another cash airlift with Lil' Jermaine Dupri the next night at Pure. I have no idea why any of this happened. Here is one of the fake Benjamins, in case you got one and are planning on spending it. It's also apparently not the first time he's done this. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: A Step Above Pacman Jones [Deuce Of Davenport] Proof That Floyd Mayweather Is Trifling [Sandra Rose] Pacman Would Never Stoop This Low [FanIQ]