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Mazel Tov, Omri Casspi

Of all the conventional NBA Draft descriptors, there's one that's exclusive to Omri Casspi: sabra. And another: He's a fellow MOT.

Casspi was selected with the 23rd pick in the Draft last night, which, in David Stern's mind, completely validates the NBA's entire push for globalization. Shalom, chaver. If Casspi — a 6-foot-9 small forward who had some success in the Euroleague — makes the NBA, he will be the first Israeli and second active Jew in the league, which means Jordan Farmar no longer has to sing the four questions at the NBA's annual seder.


So what can we tell you the next Jewish Jordan? (Sorry, Tamir Goodman.) Per, he is "very long and athletic with excellent frame, plus leaping and slashing ability," but he doesn't have an NBA body, can't guard better players, isn't a great shooter, can't break down defenders, needs to be a better rebounder and is too much of a prima donna. He's also a jersey-popper, his mixtape is littered with skull-pounding heavy metal and he already refers to himself in the third person. Now, a helpful hint from one member of the J-Team to another: We know you can dunk, but hanging on the rim — well, it's just not kosher.

Speaking of, it's only a matter of time before the Chabad temples in Sacramento start planning their field trips to ARCO Arena. Let's just hope the Lakers don't come to town on a Friday night.


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