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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Meanwhile, Ray Felton And Jamal Crawford Have Orchestrated A Mutiny In Portland

From Chad Ford's chat on today:

Either the Blazers find a new home for Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford (who have quietly orchestrated a mutiny ever since Nate McMillan chewed them out in a video session a while back) or they'll probably have to let Nate go. If I'm a Blazer fan ... I'd rather lose Felton and Crawford. They won't get a lot for either guy, but there is such a thing as addition by subtraction.


Hey, wait, both of those guys used to play for a team that knows a thing or two about coaching mutinies! And the Blazers are playing against that team in New York tonight! Maybe Crawford and Felton can stay there to ensure that the post-D'Antoni Knicks stay woozy, like CIA-trained insurgents disrupting a junta. Get to work, Dolan.

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