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Media Approval Ratings: Bill Plaschke

While searching for photos of Los Angeles Times columnist (and "Around the Horn" regular) Bill Plaschke, we came across this one. How in the world did Plaschke get on that panel?

Plaschke is the master of the five-word, one-sentence paragraph that so many newspaper columnists employ to make their columns run longer with less work. He's also one of the more egregious flat-earthers out there, as gleefully documented by Fire Joe Morgan.


When we lived in Los Angeles, back in 1997, we thought Plaschke was a compelling read. Then we discovered Rob Neyer and intelligent thought and the notion that sometimes people win because they're lucky and lose because they just weren't as talented, not because they were "chokers," or "champions." This revelation destroyed Plaschke's schtick pretty quick. Of course, it's possible we didn't change, and Plaschke did; television has done worse to stronger folk. And at Jim Murray's paper, of all places.

Anyway: Do you like the Bill Plaschke? Do you not like the Bill Plaschke? Yip.

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