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Media Approval Ratings: Billy Packer

We're getting awfully darned close now to the NCAA tournament business, which means one thing: The return of Billy Packer as the central force in our lives for a month. We know, we know, he broadcasts games throughout the regular season, but it's not until the Tournament that he takes over the voices we hear in our dreams. And that's not even including the grumbling he inevitably does before the Tourney, when he has to broadcast some slow, lousy Big Ten Tournament game.

We know how George Mason fans will be voting, and maybe how Wake Forest fans will be voting. But what's most telling, to remind, is that Billy Packer has been doing Final Fours pretty much our entire lives. And he's not going anywhere.


Do you like the Billy Packer? Do you not like the Billy Packer? Let us know.

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