Even though we've been accused of having some sort of vendetta against Chris Berman in the past, we can honestly say that's not even close to true. We still (mostly) enjoy him on "NFL Primetime," or the "Blitz," or whatever the hell they call that now. He, during our first six months of existence, he was barely mentioned around here. And then, of course, YWML hit.

"You're With Me, Leather" is now more than two years old ... and it seems older. As we mentioned in the book, we're sure YWML will end up on his tombstone, and we often fear it will end up on ours.

But hey: No such qualms about those videos, which will always have a home here.

So: Do you like the Chris Berman? Do you not like the Chris Berman? Let's hear it; it's like no one here's ever worked on polls before.


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