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Media Approval Ratings: Dan Patrick

Among the many pleasures of "Costas Now" the other night was Dan Patrick explaining how the old "Big Show" was actually named ironically by him and Keith Olbermann. They called it "The Big Show" because they assumed no one was watching and had no numbers or reason to think otherwise. But people were definitely watching.

You know, here's an official challenge for the World of Internet. Can anybody dig up a photo of Dan Patrick from that old Friday's commercial in which he has barbecue sauce all over his face? We bet Patrick doesn't do that commercial in the day of the Web. (Speaking of which ... we've also been looking for video of Keith Olbermann's old fast food chicken ads. Remember those?)


And now Patrick is a radio guy, and an SI guy, and a man whose voice charms Joe "Balls Deep" Buck.

So: Do you like the Dan Patrick? Do you not like the Dan Patrick? Let us know.

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