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Media Approval Ratings: Frank Deford

We still can't quite get over Daulerio's interview with Frank Deford. This is still our favorite part:

Women sports writers have very little sense of humor. And they look upon women in sports with out any kind of freedom. It’s like mathematics: you’re supposed to look at is a science and not as entertainment. And that would’ve been the case 20 years ago. They get very, very defensive if anybody writes anything that’s at all critical of women’s sports. Ironically, I’m someone who’s stood up for women’s sports through the years, been a total defender of Title 9 against all the men who screamed about it, but that didn’t cut me any slack. And here I was writing about “booties” as opposed to athleticism and that’s a sin. You can’t do that.


Totally! It's nice to still have Frank Deford around, isn't it? By the way, we absolutely loved The National and wish it would have hung around. Pre-Web, of course.

Anyway: Do you like the Frank Deford? Do you not like the Frank Deford?

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