When Gregg Easterbrook's old "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" initially appeared on ESPN Slate, way way way way back in the day, it seemed like a revelation, and we say that not only because of his consistently amusing (and depressing) "Arizona (CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN FOOTBALL-LIKE SUBSTANCE) Cardinals" crack.

Once it was tossed around from Football Outsiders to NFL.com back to ESPN.com, because of those famous "Kill Bill" comments โ€” irony alert: "Kill Bill" didn't even make that much money! โ€” it began to feel a bit more rote and tired. But we still read it every week ... or at least 50 percent of it, which is still a rather substantial amount.

Easterbrook is also famous for his criticism of the space program. Yeah! NASA sucks!

So: Do you like the Gregg Easterbrook? Do you not like the Gregg Easterbrook? Line 'em up.


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