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Media Approval Ratings: Jeanne Zelasko

If you were in attendance at Citizens Bank Ballpark last night, the first voice you may have heard over the loudspeaker after your team won the championship was that of Jeanne Zelasko. And while I have nothing against Jeanne Zelasko personally, I’m not exactly sure she was the right person to have speaking at that particular moment. Zelasko has all the gravitas of an assistant brand manager reading through a Powerpoint deck at your local Days Inn.But perhaps I’m being too harsh. Then again, perhaps Zelasko is just another in a long line of undertrained Californian FOX prompter bunnies who put an inhuman, android-like gloss over any human event over which they preside. So let’s bring back the fabled Deadspin Media Approval Ratings to see what you think. Do you like the Jeanne Zelasko? Do you not like the Jeanne Zelasko?


Let us know what you say.

(Co-editor's interruption: This is a blurry, very dark picture of Zelasko's ass when I chased her down Broad Street Saturday night. Who's classy? Me. Who's a World Champion? ME. As you were...)

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