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Media Approval Ratings: John Madden

Hey, when's a better time to take a look at John Madden in these rankings than the beginning of May? We can't think of a more apt moment in time.

Our favorite anecdote about John Madden is that, in the days after 9/11 when no one could fly, Madden was riding around the country with Peggy Fleming. That story boggles our mind. Of course, the reason Madden doesn't fly is because of a crash involving players at his alma mater Cal Poly in 1960. (Though he did fly until 1979, when he had a panic attack on a flight. We know he feels; when one of the stations on JetBlue isn't working, we lose our freaking mind.)


We love this shot of Madden; we forget he didn't always look so old.

By the way, this vote is for Madden himself, not Frank Caliendo's impersonation of Madden.

So: Do you like the John Madden? Do you not like the John Madden? Let's hear it.


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