There's probably no show on earth that we hammer on more than "Around The Horn," and jeez, how could we not? But of all the regular cast of characters — Mariotti, Plaschke, Paige, what not — Michael Smith (who's probably a semi-regular) seems to escape a lot of hatred.

Not to talk crazy here, but it might be because he actually reports and has info. We enjoyed this segment from an interview with The Starting Five.

I had my own apartment at eighteen and played [Tecmo Bowl] on my Rent-A-Center TV all night long. Damn, that was way back! Randall Cunningham was the truth! I would fill up the stat sheet with nothing but Randall and Bo Jackson. I had both rushing for 2000+ and Randall throwing for way over 4000. He was sick on that game. Being a Philly fan, I made sure he was well represented…trust.

Somehow, we don't imagine Mariotti ever playing Tecmo Bowl.

So: Do you like the Michael Smith? Do you not like the Michael Smith? Let's go.


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