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Media Approval Ratings: Michael Smith

There's probably no show on earth that we hammer on more than "Around The Horn," and jeez, how could we not? But of all the regular cast of characters — Mariotti, Plaschke, Paige, what not — Michael Smith (who's probably a semi-regular) seems to escape a lot of hatred.

Not to talk crazy here, but it might be because he actually reports and has info. We enjoyed this segment from an interview with The Starting Five.

I had my own apartment at eighteen and played [Tecmo Bowl] on my Rent-A-Center TV all night long. Damn, that was way back! Randall Cunningham was the truth! I would fill up the stat sheet with nothing but Randall and Bo Jackson. I had both rushing for 2000+ and Randall throwing for way over 4000. He was sick on that game. Being a Philly fan, I made sure he was well represented…trust.


Somehow, we don't imagine Mariotti ever playing Tecmo Bowl.

So: Do you like the Michael Smith? Do you not like the Michael Smith? Let's go.

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