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Media Approval Ratings: Mike Breen

Mike Breen, it seems, almost came out of nowhere to take over as the lead NBA broadcaster. It took an odd confluence of circumstances for the guy to go from ski jumping in 2002 to the NBA Finals in 2008.

Marv Albert had to have his troubles, and then contract issues with the MSG network, so Breen came in. Then Al Michaels — who really wasn't much of an NBA guy anyway — left for NBC, and Breen stepped in. Now he, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson make up the low-key, but mostly effective team. ESPN/ABC has done a rather solid job all around with the NBA team, actually, now that Wilbon's in the "studio" instead of Stephen A. Even Stuart Scott tones himself down when they're on ABC in primetime.


But yeah, look, it's Mike Breen.

Do you like the Mike Breen? Do you not like the Mike Breen? Off we go.

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