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Media Approval Ratings: Rick Reilly

You might know this already, but in case you don't: Rick Reilly, late of Sports Illustrated and soon to be everywhere on ESPN to justify that enormous contract, is one of the co-writers of Leatherheads, that new George Clooney movie that's opening Friday. Supposedly Clooney had to dramatically rewrite the (old) script, but whatever: Let's see you write a George Clooney movie.

We kind of feel like we should do two separate Rick Reilly rankings. One for now, when we are remembering the SI Reilly, and one after he officially starts on ESPN, when he is filling our screens every minute of every day. We suspect the ESPN Reilly might be a different beast.


Alas: One man, one vote.

So, do you like the Rick Reilly? Do you not like the Rick Reilly?

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