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Media Approval Ratings: Terry Bradshaw

We can say with 100 percent certainty that, of all the people we've mentioned in this Media Approval Ratings business, Terry Bradshaw is the first whose bare ass we have seen. We're not sure which is worse: Having that happen, or admitting that we've seen Failure To Launch.

Anyway, Bradshaw, who apparently can spell "cat," has been on FOX forever now, it seems; remember when their "rollicking" halftime show seemed new? Oh, and according to Wikipedia, he "remains one pro football's most popular retired players. As of September 2007, Bradshaw was the top-ranked former pro football player in the Davie-Brown Index (DBI), which surveys consumers to determine a celebrity's appeal and trust levels." Hey, why would you not trust a guy who admitted doing steroids in his career? It helps the ass!


Anyway: Do you like the Terry Bradshaw? Do you not like the Terry Bradshaw? Woo!

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