We're not sure we're going to still be doing these Media Approval Things in October, which is why we have to do Tim McCarver now. Because fans' opinions of McCarver are never more polarized than in October.

We'd forgotten about the Deion Sanders incident. From Wikipedia:

During the 1992 National League Championship Series, he criticized Deion Sanders for playing both football and baseball on the same day. For his criticism, Sanders dumped a bucket of water on McCarver three times while he was covering the National League pennant winning Atlanta Braves' clubhouse celebration for CBS. Regardless of the criticism he delivered, some also feel that McCarvers's restraint after 3 cold water dumps was exemplary.

Indeed. We also didn't realize that he co-hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics with Paula Zahn. Huh.

Oh, and for playoff's sake: See Fire Joe Morgan.

So: Do you like the Tim McCarver? Do you not like the Tim McCarver? Go go go.


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