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Meet Supa Saint: "The World's Most Deranged Saints Fan"

When you’re talking about a fan base that voluntary roots for the New Orleans Saints, “derangement” is definitely on a sliding scale—but I don’t think any fan could ever hold a candle to Supa Saint.

At least, there’s no November Rain in the Superdome. I can’t even begin to describe the joy inside that comes from watching the pure, unbridled devotion pour out of this mustachioed, ‘80s hair rocker who has leapt forward in time—or got stuck in it—to give his love and support to his favorite star-crossed football team. He is an inspiration to all fans everywhere, especially those who bore the world their crappy YouTube videos. Look at the production value on this! The man is an artist.


Seriously, close the door to your office and spend some company overtime checking out Supa Saint’s video library of athletic support. (I recommend his Michael Mann tribute and his Philly call out.) Kevin Bacon and Baby Mangino couldn’t do it any better.

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