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So you remember that eBay auction last week to purchase the infamous dress of Jose Lima's wife, the one she "wore" when Limatime sang the national anthem a few years back? Well, the final price was $152.50, and it was won by, of all people, the guy who runs maybe one of the top Rangers sites.

Apparently, Sports Blog Nation is paying its writers pretty well; $152.50 is a pretty steep price for a dress, even one that possibly contains Lima DNA. The auction winner, Adam Morris, says he will "get the dress, and an 8" X 10" photo of the famous picture, with an inscription and autograph from Melissa Lima." Yep: He actually will be able to request what Mrs. Lima will write. We suspect you might have some recommendations.

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(UPDATE: We just contacted Morris for comment. Lone Star Ball is proud to have acquired this historic piece of memorabilia. Now, I just have to figure out a way to get my wife to let me keep it." Good luck, sir.)