Meet The Boxing Coach Whose Specialty Is Training "A Bunch Of Fucking Nerds, Wall Street Guys"

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Eric Kelly gives boxing lessons at the Church Street Boxing Gym, which is located in New York's Financial District. His credentials speak for themselves: four-time national amateur champion, two-time New York City Golden Gloves champion, alternate for the 2000 U.S. Olympic team, a lazy left eye from "a street altercation" involving a pool stick, etc.

But what sets Kelly apart is the torrent of verbal jabs he routinely tosses at his students, which is some championship-caliber shit-talk. Here's a sampling from the video above, which was done by our good friends over at Animal New York: "A lot of these cats I wish would just forget the address to the gym. You know, everything is not for everybody. You don't see me going to motherfucking Wall Street, picking up a briefcase, and trying to type, do you?"

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