Meet The Cowboys' New $2 Million Luxury Bus, Named "The Elegant Lady"

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Jerry Jones's wet dream of crystal and chrome has hit the road. "The Elegant Lady," the Dallas Cowboys' new bus, made a brief appearance at the Super Bowl, but it's officially being unveiled ahead of the NFL combine. Forty-five feet long, 8'6" wide, and 13 feet tall, the coach will shuttle Cowboys brass around Indianapolis in comfort and splendor and not a little bit of ostentatiousness.

Amenities include:

• Three couches and five chairs, that sit 20 people comfortably, in a compartment that extends for more space when the bus is parked.


• Nine televisions, including one on the outside for tailgating.

• A kitchen with refrigerator and microwave, and several hidden coolers around the bus.


• Three Blu-Ray players.

• Multiple glass display cases to hold memorabilia.

• Automatic sliding doors, marble countertops, and the odd Tiffany crystal decoration.


The Dallas Morning News got the grand tour:


The Morning News says this model can run between $1.5 and $2.5 million, depending on how it's tricked out. One gets the feeling Jerry Jones would install an Armand de Brignac bidet just to push the pricetag to the high end.

Dallas Cowboys' new luxury bus comes with plenty of fixins – and possibly a seven-figure price tag [Dallas Morning News]