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Members Of The LPGA Would Like To Take This Time To Remind Michelle Wie That She's Still An Awful Golfer

As long as Michelle Wie continues to derail her own career by playing on the men's tour instead of first being competitive in a women's major tournament, she'll be considered a joke by some of her LPGA peers. Golfers Annika Sorenstam, Helen Alfreddson, and Paula Creamer didn't mince words about Wie's decision to skip the Women's British Open this week in favor of playing in the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. • Says Sorenstam: "I really don't know why Michelle continues to do this. We have a major this week and, if you can't qualify for a major, I don't see any reason why you should play with the men." • Says Alfreddson: "I feel kind of sad for her. I think she's a very good person. I feel sad for the guidance that she seems to not have in the right direction." • Says Creamer: "I think, if she wants to be a golfer, she should really concentrate on being on the women's tour and dealing with them and learning to win. Winning is what we are out here for, but I just don't see the interest really on being on the men's tour. I thought she had quit that idea but obviously not." •Says Wie: "......." LPGA veterans wonder why Wie is skipping major for PGA tour event [ESPN]


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