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Memphis vs. Ohio State Liveblog, 2nd Half

• We're back underway, and the second half starts just like the first... with Greg Oden abusing Joey Dorsey.

• Showtime on the next possession, fast break alley-oop after some nice passing, and Memphis needs a timeout. That didn't take long.


• Dorsey gets called for a foul while banging for a rebound with Oden. Little bit of a cheap call, and Memphis fans are upset... they believe for some reason that the loss of Dorsey will hurt them.

• Ohio State leads by a bucket, and Oden's back on the bench with foul trouble at the under 16:00-timeout.

• Chris Douglas-Roberts with some incredible dribble penetration, great body control, and then a one-handed finish. Beautiful play by Roberts, would have never happened if Oden was in the game... Memphis takes the lead on that one. This one's going down to the wire.

• Oden gets way up on a shot block at the basket... borderline goaltend, but impressive nonetheless.


• Joey Dorsey re-enters the game, and Joey Dorsey quickly picks up his 4th foul. I didn't even notice he was back in the game, but he found the only way he could to make himself known.

• They show Dorsey sitting on the bench, and he's sweating like ... well, like someone who's played a lot of basketball, which is not the case. Maybe they have a treadmill over there, and he's getting in some work. Maybe he took some time to get in some military presses and work on those shoulders.


• Oden takes a pass under the basket, and Chris Douglas-Roberts just bear hugs him to try to prevent the basket. It's CDR's (thanks, Raftery) fourth foul, which is significant. Oden makes 1 of the two free throws. The game's tied, but it feels very much like the edge is with Ohio State.

• Ohio State leads by five... back up the court, they go to Oden in the post, with Dorsey guarding him. I hate to be repetitive, but Oden just owns him. When Greg Oden gets home, he can put Joey Dorsey up for sale on eBay. Low reserve.


• The Joey Dorsey personal lowlight reel continues. He gets a dish, wide open under the bucket, but can't finish it when Oden fouls him. His two free throws come up way short. He remains scoreless. His gynecologist is going to be very concerned.

• Couple of big three-balls for Memphis keep them alive... Nice work getting the shots, but I don't know that there's enough time to left to just keep trading threes for twos.


• CDR fouls out. That is very bad news for Memphis. I'd encourage Buckeye fans to go ahead and start making hotel reservations for the Final Four, but... after the D-II championship game, I'm not going out on that limb.

• Alright, I think we're done here. The lead is 10 with 1:33 to play, with Ohio State at the line. Thanks for trying to make things interesting, Dorsey, but you sort of miserably failed.


• Memphis is still fouling, down 14 with under 1:00 to play.

• And we have mercifully finished... Ohio State enters the Final Four, which hasn't happened since Greg Oden was in his mid-30s.

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