Mercer Guard Jibri Bryan Shot And Killed In Convenience Store Parking Lot

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Mercer University guard Jibri Bryan was shot in the head and killed in a convenience store parking lot Tuesday afternoon, according to police. Bryan, who was 23, was shot while sitting in his car. The Telegraph (Macon) has the details:

[Bryan] was found in the driver’s seat of a late-model Chevy Monte Carlo that was backed into a space beside the Forsyth Street store, Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said.


Davis said the other person who was shot arrived at the scene riding in a white Nissan Sentra driven by the shooter. When the Sentra parked, the man stepped out and circled behind the Monte Carlo. Then the gunman, who had walked over to talk to Bryan, opened fire, killing him, Davis said.

The man who’d been riding with the gunman, standing near the back of the Monte Carlo, was in the line of fire and was possibly shot by his partner in crime, the sheriff said.

Investigators said the wounded man, whose name was not made public as of late Tuesday, was shot in his chest or neck. He was taken to a nearby hospital. The gunman drove off.


Bryan, a graduate student with a degree in marketing, has missed most of the season because of a persistent knee injury, but played in each of Mercer’s past three games. He was a member of the 2013-14 squad that upset number three seed Duke in the NCAA tournament. He tallied three rebounds and assists in four minutes against future NBA draft picks Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood.

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